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Contractual Partner

From this section it is possible to access to a description of each contractual partner of the Pastille project. There are 6 contractual partners and they are based in 5 different European countries.
University of Wroclaw is the project applicant.

Project applicant

University of Wroclaw
plac Uniwersytecki 1, Wroclaw
Tel: (+48) 713418905 / (+48) 713434948
Fax: (+48) 71 343 49 48
Web Site:
The University of Wrocław has a rich history of more than three centuries. Founded by Leopold I Habsburg the university evolved from a modest school run by Jesuits into one of the biggest academic institutions in Poland. At the beginning of the 19th century the university had five Faculties: philosophy, catholic theology, evangelical theology, law and medicine. Later it was expanded by numerous sections, laboratories and a natural museum, which exists until today.

Transnational partnership

Czech Republic
Palacký University Olomouc
Křížkovského 8, 77140 Olomouc
Tel: (+42) 585 631 111
Web Site:
Palacký University Olomouc (UP) is one of the most important Central European centres of education and research, boasting achievements on the European and global levels in a number of disciplines. UP also plays a significant role in the region. It is one of the largest employers in the Olomouc Region and the City of Olomouc.

University of Macedonia
Egnatia street 156 – Thessaloniki
Tel: (+30) 2310891203
Web Site:
The University of Macedonia is a well-known university both inside and outside of Greece. Education and research covers a broad spectrum, from economic sciences, educational sciences, political studies, intercultural studies and business administration to information systems and applied informatics. UOM has an outstanding range of facilities, services and infrastructure to support its vibrant research community.

Via Luigi Lanzi 12
50134 Firenze,


Tel: +39 055 48 97 00
Pixel is an education and training institution based in Florence (Italy).
Pixel was founded in 1999. Pixel’s mission is to promote an innovative approach to education, training and culture, this is done mostly by trying to exploit the best potential of ICT for education and training.

University of Genova
Via Balbi 5, 16126 – Genova
Tel: (+39) 01020991
Fax: (+39) 0102095786
Web Site:
The University of Genova (UNIGE) is one of the most ancient of the European large universities; with about 280 educational paths distributed in the headquarters in Genova and the learning centres of Imperia, Savona and La Spezia, it comes up to the community as a well-established reality throughout the region.

Vilnius University
3 Universiteto St., LT-01513 Vilnius
Tel: +37052687000
Web Site:
Founded in 1579, the University of Vilnius is the oldest and largest Lithuanian higher education institution, and one of the oldest and most famous establishments of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe. Functioning for a long time as the only school of higher learning in Lithuania, it was a preserver of cultural and scientific traditions, and has played a significant part in the cultural life not only of Lithuania, but the neighboring countries as well. Since its establishment in the 16th century, Vilnius University, as integral part of European science and culture has embodied the concept of a classical university and the unity of studies and research.

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