Submission of the Interim Report

The Interim Report of the Pastille project has been officially submitted. The Interim Report aimed at summarizing up the activities carried out in the framework of the Pastille project after 9 months. The Interim Report presents the activities carried out by project partners with reference to both the production of the Intellectual Outputs and the project management and will be evaluated by the Polish National Agency.


Pastille’ network

The Pastille network is increasing as associated partners (Universities, language centers, research centers, and institutions involved in teaching Italian language) decided to get involved in the project as they are interested in cooperating in the development of the project outputs, participating in the testing and providing feedback to improve their quality. Associated partners are available at the following link:


First draft of the Methodological Guidelines

A first draft of the Methodological Guidelines is now available on the project website: This work is the result of project partners’ desire to provide University teachers with a useful tool and an innovative teaching methodology.


Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting took place online using Skype on 18 May 2020. During the first meeting, the European project partners introduced themselves as well as their project’s related experiences and expertise. The main activities to be carried out were presented and discussed. The main intellectual outputs to be produced were examined and the templates for the production of the expected deliverables were analyzed and jointly discussed.


Pastille financial presentation

Prior to the online kick-off meeting, it was decided to have a preliminary online meeting focusing the financial issues related to the meeting. Andrea Peraldo from Pixel (IT) presented the main documents to be used as official reference for the Administrative and Financial Management, with a specific reference to the administrative and contractual provisions, the agreement with the National Agency, the Agreement between the coordinator and the project partners. A representative of each project partner participated in this online meeting.


Work in progress

Despite the spread of COVID19, European project partners are currently working to the production of the Methodological Guidelines designed to address to the needs of teachers of Italian language and university students. Teachers, especially the youngest ones, who will use the Guidelines as a new method orientation will improve their skills of classroom management and motivation. Students will have the opportunity to understand the unbreakable link between the Italian language and the Italian culture, declined in all its aspects.


Ready to start

The preliminary steps of the Pastille project are almost finalized, as project partners will soon sign the contracts with the project applicant, putting their know-how and experience at the service of the Pastille project. The partnership is mainly composed by Universities distributed around Europe: Poland – University of Wroclaw; Italy – University of Genova; Lithuania – University of Vilnius; Czech Republic – University of Olomouc; Greece – University of Macedonia. The technical management of the project is entrusted to Pixel.


First dissemination event

During the transnational meeting of the Together project, held in Florence (IT) on 28/10/2019, Elisabetta Delle Donne presented Pixel activities and, among these, the Pastille project. The aim of the Together project is to develop social responsibility of higher education students, raising their awareness on integration of refugees’ issues and promoting a more inclusive University. In this field, the knowledge of a foreign language like Italian can have a pivotal role in promoting integration.


Approval of the Pastille project

The Pastille project is funded, by the European Commission ( through the Polish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme (, with the aim to create an innovative teaching method for Italian as a foreign language. The objectives of the Pastille project are: to offer a new, high-level, educational teaching method for Italian as a foreign language, which is focused on an interdisciplinary approach; to enhance the motivation of Italian language’ learners to improve their linguistic skills, cultural competences and communitarian, European, Mediterranean awareness; to increase the chances of Italian language’ learners on the local and international labour market.